Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning

Alternatives to (Artificial) Birth Controls


Fostering God's Plan for Love, Chastity, Marriage, and Children (One More Soul)


Safe, healthy, effective, and it can change your hearts... (Couple to Couple League)


Billings LIFE: Leaders In Fertility Education (WOOMB: World Organisation of the Ovulation Method Billings)


Creighton Model (FertilityCare System)


Simple, Natural, Effective (Billings Ovulation Method)


Natural Family Planning, Radical Openness to Life Gains Ground in Protestant Circles (


Creighton Model (Pope Paul VI Institute, founded by Thomas W. Hilgers, MD)


Pastoral ministry to Catholic spouses (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops -put natural family planning in the search box)


Abortion, Contraception, Natural Family Planning, Humanae Vitae (Priests For Life)