Mother's Day: a pastor's reflection on the death of a young mother and her child

Eileen Smith and her daughter Laura Hope Smith

by Pastor Erik Eskelund

"...Today would have been Laura's first Mothers' Day....

"...In the days and weeks following Laura's death, I wondered how many times I may have postponed speaking the truth in an attempt to first be loving. Call it tact, call it being 'winsome' or shrewd, but is it perhaps a misunderstanding of the severity of consequences and the power of prevention? It may be that I have not equated warning with love. Discipline with love. Boundaries with love. The answer, 'No!' with love.

"Since Laura's death, I have become much more bold....

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Murderers among us

Pastor Matt ChandlerMatt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church in Texas, preached on the subject of abortion late last month as part of an on-going sermon series on prayer.

"I don't believe this is a political issue," Chandler says to the multi-campus Village Church before launching into his sermon. "I believe this is a scientific issue and a deeply theological issue. I'm not trying to make political statements."

"It is the murder of a human being. I'm going to have to say it. I'm going to show it to you in the Word. I want to prove it to you with science. I want to just lay it before you and say abortion is murder. It's a holocaust like the world has yet to see," he adds.

Chandler then notes the tens of millions of deaths attributed to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and Germany's Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler.

"The United States since Roe v. Wade, not globally but the United States, has blown past both of those brothers and have made them look angelic as we have slaughtered wholesale 55 million little boys and little girls."

He adds, "I gotta say that. If I don't say that, then all the things that the secular world says about megachurch pastors become true about me: that I want you to like me, and I want your money, and I want to be famous and I want… I'm far more afraid of God than I am of you."

But "I am no fool," says Chandler. "There are murderers among us.

"At the same time that I prophetically and boldly and courageously say, 'Abortion is murder,' I also need to step into this space knowing we are guilty of it. Many of us are guilty of it. Maybe we weren't the ones who had the abortion. Maybe we coerced and pressed somebody to have the abortion or just paid for the abortion. I need to say to you…listen to me…where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more."

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Black Robe Regiment

The Black Robe Regiment

The Black Robed Regiment was the name that the British placed on the courageous and patriotic American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black robes they wore).   Significantly, the British blamed the Black Regiment for American Independence,  and rightfully so, for modern historians have documented that:

There is not a right asserted in the Declaration of Independence which had not been discussed by the New England clergy before 1763.

David Barton video presentation:

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